Agapanthus Growing Notes


Available each year with Summer Flowering bulbs and perennials from June till October

A plant with attractive evergreen foliage, easy to grow & can tolerate a wide variety of conditions. Perfect for borders along driveways and paths where a permanent display of rich green foliage is required with many spikes of blue or white appearing at the end of spring in to early summer.

Flowering Season- November till February

Plant Height- Foliage height 80cm for tall or 25cm for dwarf varieties. Flowering height of 150cm for tall or 75cm for dwarf varieties.

Planting Density- 60cm apart for tall and 25cm for dwarf varieties.

Planting Depth- Agapanthus plant are supplied bare rooted with actively growing green leaves. Plant in to moist soil approx. 5cm deep, cover all the roots leaving the leaves uncovered.

Position- Full sun to light shade in a well-drained soil.

Watering- Considered drought resistant only water only to supplement natural rainfall.

Fertilising- Use a complete fertiliser in winter and spring.

Pests- Disease and pest resistant. Bait snails when they appear, snail will use the protection of the evergreen agapanthus plant to hide during the day and leave at night to assault other garden plants.

Tips- Over crowding in clumps should not stop flowering. A single agapanthus plant can expand in to a 100cm (tall varieties) or 30cm (dwarf varieties) wide clump in around 4 years so you will need to plan for the future plant size. You can divide up large clumps after flowering after flowering in late summer. Just cut the the newly divided plant leave back to half length and replant as the instruction above.