Dutch Iris Growing Notes


Available each year with Spring Flowering bulbs and perennials from February till May

Dutch Iris feature vibrant coloured flowers on tall strong stems. They look great planted in clumps in garden beds as a feature for each spring.

Tips: Grow Dutch Iris in clumps in well drained soil.


Watering: Normal watering is required during warm weather.

Feeding: Prepare garden beds and or pots with animal manure or blood and bone before planting.

Lifting & Storage: Dig bulbs after foiliage has die back. Treat bulbs with insectacide dust before storage.

Pest Control: Bait snails and slugs during the growing period. Watch for aphids.!!! Aphids will not only destroy this next flower, but can also hurt next years. Spray with insecticide if necessary.


Growing Height: Refer to the size of each of the different Dutch Iris listed.

Planting Depth: Plant Dutch Iris 10cm deep.

Plant Spacing: Space bulbs around 10cm apart.

Position & Properties

Garden Position: Dutch Iris enjoy a full sun position in the garden.

Cut Flower: Excellent cut flower

Potting: Dutch Iris are suitable for potting.


Planting Time: Plant from February to June.

Flowering Time: Check the flowering time for individual varieties.