Muscari Growing Notes


Available each year with Spring Flowering bulbs and perennials from February till May

Muscari are ideal for low borders and pots. Looks great mixed with white spring stars or old fashion freesias. Use as a fill in around pots of tulips. Muscari multiply quickly into attractive clumps for a highlight each spring.

Tips: Mix with other low growing bulbs to create an attractive border with contrasting colours.


Watering: Water only when ground starts to dry from lack of normal rainfall.

Feeding: Prepare flower beds or pots with an organic fertiliser then top dress when buds appear.

Lifting & Storage: Muscari can be left in the ground for many years. Growing into attactive clumps.

Pest Control: Bait snails and slugs during the growing period. Very hardy and resistant ot disease & pests.


Growing Height: Muscari will grow from 15 to 20cm tall.

Planting Depth: Plant Muscari 5cm deep.

Plant Spacing: Space your Muscari bulbs 5cm apart.

Position & Properties

Garden Position: Muscari enjoy half day to full day sun in the garden or pots.

Cut Flower: Not suitable as a cut flower

Potting: Muscari are suitable for potting


Planting Time: Plant Muscari from February to June

Flowering Time: Muscari flower from June to September